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Consumer Finance, Debt Relief and Credit Scores

Charge-off, Severely Delinquent, or Other Negative/Derogatory Information on your credit report? Garnishment? Need a lawyer to negotiate with creditors or fight on your behalf with the large credit bureaus? Look for no other than Attorney Mohaimina Haque in Washington, D.C.

If you just found out any information on your credit report that shouldn't belong there, you need a lawyer to help you to delete that information in order to increase your likelihood to obtain new loans, or a mortgage at a good interest rate. Schedule a consultation with Attorney Mohaimina Haque today. She will provide you a detailed plan to strengthen your credit and rectify any errors on your credit report.

Garnishment of wages: When you're slapped with garnishment, you don't know what's the first step to take and where to turn to. Please schedule a consultation with Attorney Mohaimina Haque who will put you at ease when facing garnishment or any other consumer debt-related issues.

Attorney Haque has a solid track record in successfully negotiating with creditors, banks, and credit bureaus for debtors facing garnishment or other credit-related issues.

Recently, we successfully helped a debtor settle an outstanding account after the garnishment started without any need to declare bankruptcy. We negotiated a 69% reduction of a sizeable outstanding balance in the final settlement. Even if a garnishment judgment originates from another jurisdiction, we will provide assistance to D.C. residents.

We offer flat-fee arrangement and affordable payment schedule to solve your problems. Schedule a consultation today.

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