Business law is broad and complex, and your business deserves the best legal protection available, whether it needs legal guidance to conduct cross-border transactions, comply with regulatory and antitrust laws, or needs to file a lawsuit. Attorney Mohaimina "Mina" Haque and Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC offers a full range of business law services in Washington, D.C.

International Law

If your company conducts business in a foreign country, you need an experienced international law attorney to protect your best interests and advise you on foreign issues.


Antitrust laws keep businesses operating fairly by regulating the way they conduct business. When a group of businesses combines to create a monopoly or use deceptive trade practices, your business suffers and you may need to file a lawsuit against antitrust violators. For Business entities that are facing merger review or any other anti-competitive conduct investigation, you can avoid exorbitant legal bills and also get an effective, fast and skilled service in our law firm. If you need help to respond to DOJ Second Requests or Civil Investigative Demand, Mina Haque is your attorney to assist you with those matters. Mina's background and connection in the Antitrust Division will make her your suitable lawyer to meet such costly demands at a reasonable price.

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If your business needs to file bankruptcy, you need quality, comprehensive legal advice, including whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will best meet your business's needs, if your case has unique risks that you may not have considered, and what to expect through the bankruptcy process.

Cyber Law

Cyberlaw governs the internet and Internet-related technologies. This area of law is always evolving as more companies conduct business online. Common issues include privacy issues, data analytics usage, and complying with more stringent regulations.


A trademark is a symbol, word, or phrase that is legally registered to identify a company's goods or services and distinguish those goods or services from their competitors. Attorney Mina Haque can file the paperwork to legally register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Fighting for your rights? Want to recover losses and damages? Yet, you are not sure whether filing a lawsuit will resolve your issue. Common issues include breach of fiduciary duty, trade secret disputes, violation of non-disclosure agreements, and partnership disputes. You need Mina Haque who can meet your budget for litigation and deliver the result of your choice.


Government regulations are constantly evolving, and some of these new regulations harm your business. Whether your business's dispute is with local, state, or the Federal government, Attorney Mina Haque has the experience to fight for your business's best interests.

Hire a Skilled and Savvy Business Law Attorney in Washington, D.C.

Your business may be your biggest asset and deserves quality legal protection. Business law issues can be complex and require prompt attention. Attorney Mina Haque provides businesses with high-quality, individualized legal services in Washington, D.C. Contact her today.