The lifestyle of our current time and age requires us to be savvy consumers. With the rise of mass retailing, e-commerce, and social media, buying and selling can be easier than ever, but it is more imperative than ever for every individual to be conscientious regarding the products and services in their daily lives. This area of law is complex and fast-moving; Attorney Mina Haque has the experience and knowledge necessary to safeguard your rights.

Compliance with Regulatory & Safety Standards

The beverage in your hand, the toy in your child's play area, or the axle in your vehicle: things you probably don't pay attention to in your day-to-day life, unless a problem suddenly arises. Did you know that there exists a complex and interlocking web of regulatory standards, at the federal, state, and local levels, to ensure that the products and services in our day-to-day lives meet all the requisite safety standards?

Scientific Knowledge Meets
Legal Expertise

What is the correct percentage of various ingredients that need to be present in a product? How can a consumer get the relevant laboratory and sales data necessary in order to present a valid claim? Which government agency has jurisdiction over which product/service? What is the best way to negotiate with the corporate lawyers who will fight your claim? Attorney Mina Haque can be your guide to navigate these and other questions that arise.

Aggressive Representation to Safeguard Your Needs

Corporations have savvy legal departments and are adept at exploiting every loophole and safe harbor in the legal landscape to ensure that they win. Accordingly, you need a lawyer who can meet them on their own terms - with mastery over the legal issues and procedural matters that can come up at every step of the process. Attorney Mina Haque will adeptly represent you and ensure your rights are duly safeguarded.

Hire Attorney Mina Haque to Vigilantly Safeguard Your Rights

The rise of large trillion-dollar corporations means that individual consumers are constantly getting squeezed from all sides. On the other end of the scale, corporate start-ups are constantly coming up with new products, but do not always have valid track records. Attorney Mina Haque has experience going up against consumer products companies, financial corporations, and other large entities. Hire her to champion your rights. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.