Attorney Mina Haque, Esq. runs the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC in Washington D.C. She is an Outside General Counsel of Tony Roma's and an Adjunct Professor of Law at American University Washington College of Law. With superb education and experience under her belt she rose to the ranks of one of the top in Washington D.C. Attorney Mina Haque's early work experience includes Capitol Hill, The White House, U.S. Department of Justice. and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In addition to her Juris Doctorate degree she is also a Master's holder in Public Policy.

Her clients range from current U.S. Ambassadors, top ranking UN officials, C-suite executives, high net-worth individuals, lawyers, scientists,  doctors, filmmakers, inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, federal employees, restaurants, franchisors, luxury brands and startups. With a multitude of experience of representing clients nationwide and worldwide, she is an extraordinary, award-winning legal counsel, litigator and negotiator that you want on your side


Attorney Mina Haque invited to her client's Tony Roma's  launch of their concept Bones and Burgers  in Tampa, Florida. Clients value Attorney Mina's legal advice and appreciate the value of stellar legal advice on their business development and growth